Letterbox Distribution

Leaflets distribution in the mailboxes has an advanced targeting system, using our geographic database, which is unique in Romania. Our solution is based on the unique approach of each project and is supported by an experienced nationwide team.

The strategy of a leaflet distribution campaign is based on the customer profile analysis using our geomarketing solution to assign the right distribution areas. Operational model is rigorous, efficient and permanently improved with our experience of thousands of projects and with knowledge from French Post, which owns Mediapost Hit Mail. Accuracy of implementation is the most important part of a drop mailing campaign and is supported by a nationwide team of 430 interconnected agents and supervisors.

Campaign types Essential deliverables
– Leaflets, flyer and letters distribution in the mailboxes within a carefully selected area;
– Door hangers distribution is the most impactful technique due to visibility of the message;
– Street distribution in certain points – streets, intersections, the entrances or inside shopping centers;
– Sampling – gives the consumers the opportunity of a free trial.
– Target profile analysis;
– Recommendation of optimal areas for distribution;
– Transport of leaflets;
– Distribution of leaflets;
– Distribution checking.


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