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Our Group

Integrated Multichannel Relationship
Solutions for Consumer Promotions.
Promotional logistics for e-commerce.
Database Solutions.
Turnover: 14.6 mil. Euro, 190 employees

Letterbox Marketing.
Turnover: 3.6 mil. Euro, 442 employees

Integrated Multichannel Relationship Marketing.
Digital Marketing.
Turnover: 1.1 mil. Euro, 18 employees

Promotional logistics for e-commerce.
Turnover: 0.5 mil. Euro
40 employees

Marketing Digital
Web Development
Turnover: 1.2 mil. Euro
12 employees

Incentive Marketing
Turnover: 2.0 mil. Euro
11 employees

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In this time of crisis, Mediapost Hit Mail supports stores with logistics solutions and consumer relations, for a quick transition to online!

Safety and professionalism in the Mediapost Hit Mail warehouse during the Covid-19 crisis