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E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing campaigns are at the base of most multi-channel relational marketing strategies, whatever the goal is, in order to cultivate a long-term customer relationship or to increase sales.
Our e-mail marketing solution is designed to increase communication efficiency at every level of interaction with the customer. There are two categories of messages that are used in the e-mail marketing campaigns:

Promotional (proactive) Transactional (reactive)
– Product launch;
– Service launch;
– Event announcement;
– Special offers.
– Customized responses based on the customer feedback;
– Cross-selling / upselling;
– Reactivate inactive customers.
Essential practices Essential deliverables
– Create a segmented database based on RFM* principle;
– Create customized content for each segment;
– Customize messages based on consumers’ actions or interaction with the content.
* Recent (the latest interaction with the consumer); Frequency (the frequency of his responds); Money (how much does he bought).
– Database management and behavioral analysis;
– Clean graphic design;
– Organized structure of content;
– Copywriting;
– Responsive templates and optimized HTML code;
– E-mail platform;
– Campaign reports.


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