Date Curate (”Clean Data”)

• Date Curate (”Clean Data”) is an application that standardizes, validates and completes the postal addresses. It can work on existing or on real time databases.
• Process flow:
• Information normalization
• Information standardization using data libraries
• Completing the missing information
• Assigning an attribute to the address (valid address, correct address, or invalid address)
• Adding the postal code (optional)
• Address geocoding (optional)

• Date Curate (”Clean Data”) uses data libraries and complex nomenclatures:
• Mediapost Hit Mail Geographic Database which contains latitude and longitude of 4.7 million households from Romania
• Streets Nomenclature (New Name vs. Initial Name)
• SIRUTA public nomenclature of localities in Romania
• The “Postal Codes” Nomenclature

• Date Curate (”Clean Data”) works in batch mode, client-server and webservice. It can be integrated into any website contact form which collects postal addresses.

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