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Lead Generation

The lead generation relies on the effective interconnection of Mediapost Hit Mail solutions and resources – databases, e-mails, SMS, call-center, direct mail and online advertising. The lead qualification process will be driven and accomplished by our call-center. The resulted qualified leads will be then provided as a valuable resource for the client’s sales department, allowing it to focus its efforts on closing the sales instead of spending time with prospecting.

Every company has its own definition of what a lead means, so the deliverables of B2B or B2C campaigns are lists of prospects that have:

– accepted a communication by email or phone;
– accepted to enroll in a program;
– accepted to set up a meeting with sales representative of client;
– reached a number of points within a lead scoring program.


Essential B2B practices Essential B2C practices
– Have a brief and relevant presentation of company’s product or service;
– Offer a benefit, a promotion that customers will find attractive;
– Have a professional sales team to take over the leads shortly;
– Set the project management platform that allows an efficient flow of information and good communication within the project team.
– Campaign website or web page will be the point of connection with potential consumers;
– The customers will be able to get relevant information about the promoted products, ask for a customized offer or place an order through various communication channels;
– Data gathering of how users interact with your website.


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