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Direct Mail

Sending a letter, a sample, or personalized item to existing or potential customers is a personal way of creating an emotional bond with the brand. Our direct mail solution covers all the stages of a direct mail campaign.

Campaign flow and activities:


1. Database management;
2. Database consolidation from multiple sources;
3. Creating a unitary structure of information;
4. Data deduplication and organization based on targeting criteria.


1. Best quality of personalization;
2. Concept and DTP based on the format of personalization;
3. Establish the addressing mode;
4. Printing on standard or atypical formats;
5. Items personalization (e.g., pens) with both fixed and variable data.

Matching and insertion

1. Ability to manage multiple information within the same project;
2. Matching and insertion of multiple customized items simultaneously;
3. 20 years experience of our staff in managing complex direct mail projects.

Preparing for delivery

1. Assembling of packages and preparing for delivery to the postal operators;
2. Working experience with different types of postal specs from Romania, Bulgaria, France and Italy.


1. 10,000 sqm warehouse, with 7,000 pallets storage capacity is located in the north of Bucharest;
2. Effective capacity of loading and unloading: 12 loading docks and 2 drive-ins.


1. Partnerships with the most important postal operators, couriers and transport companies in Romania and Europe.


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