Direct Communication

In direct communication solution the client’s database or third-parties database will be used. By combining our communication channels we ensure that the messages reach the targeted customer segment through our process of segmentation, communication, testing and optimization. The goals of direct communication can be: selling a product or service, reactivating a specific customer segment, enrolling in a program etc.

Multichannel combinations examples Campaign stages
– Call-center and chat with e-mail marketing platform;
– SMS marketing platform with e-mail marketing platform;
– Logistics platform with e-mail marketing, SMS and call-center platforms.
– Defining the target audience;
– Segmentation;
– Creating the mechanism of campaign;
– Testing the concept through a pilot project;
– Adjusting the campaign based on the information obtained from the pilot project;
– Running the campaign;
– Campaign Report;
– Recommendations for future actions.


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