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Marian Șeitan Marian Șeitan

Marian Șeitan

General manager
Cătălin Ciurezu Cătălin Ciurezu

Cătălin Ciurezu

Executive Director
Cristiana Chirea Cristiana Chirea

Cristiana Chirea

Group Account Director
Gabriela Crăciun Gabriela Crăciun

Gabriela Crăciun

Account Director
Alexandru Badea Alexandru Badea

Alexandru Badea

Account Manager
Raluca Bădescu Raluca Bădescu

Raluca Bădescu

Account Manager
Alexandru Marinescu Alexandru Marinescu

Alexandru Marinescu

Project manager
Claudia Ștefan Claudia Ștefan

Claudia Ștefan

Project Manager
Bogdan Dascălu Bogdan Dascălu

Bogdan Dascălu

Project Manager
Dan Dobrotă Dan Dobrotă

Dan Dobrotă

Regional Manager

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In this time of crisis, Mediapost Hit Mail supports stores with logistics solutions and consumer relations, for a quick transition to online!

Safety and professionalism in the Mediapost Hit Mail warehouse during the Covid-19 crisis